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NFL Week 3 early games open thread

Let us know where you are and who you are watching this afternoon.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

We're stuck in purgatory in Steeler Nation. With several hours (at the time of publication) until the Steelers and Panthers kick off on Sunday Night Football, we have the option to avert our eyes from the TV until that time, eliminating the urge to get rambunctious and waste precious energy.

Or, we can tune into Baltimore at Cleveland, knowing full well we'll be both angry and happy with the result, and get all kinds of rowdy.

Justin Tucker just hit a 38-yard field goal for Baltimore, capping off an impressive opening drive for them in Cleveland. Otherwise, I'm flipping through Sunday Ticket (I'm still not over the surprise I somehow have this package without having ordered it) to watch the Vikings at Saints and the Eagles and Redskins.

Should be a great day of action leading into the game, so stick around, we have more game coverage coming up throughout the day. Also, make sure to stick around after the game tonight for the debut of BTSC's "Steelers Final Score" postgame call-in talk show. We'll go over that a bit more later this afternoon.