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Steelers terminate the contract of punter Adam Podlesh

The Steelers have terminated the contract of absentee punter Adam Podlesh today


The Steelers have chosen to terminate the contract of punter Adam Podlesh.

Podlesh signed a one-year contract with the team back in April, however, due to personal circumstances, he failed to report to training camp and was subsequently placed on the Reserve/Did Not Report List.

The 8th year veteran has a fairly stellar 42.4 yard average per punt over the last 7 seasons.

The move has been expected for some time, but the timing is mildly interesting since the Steelers' current punter Brad Wing had a rough game on Sunday versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Wing, in his first full season with an NFL team, pooched an abysmal, 29-yard punt from deep within Steelers territory at the worst possible point in the game. He played a significant role in the defeat Sunday but, that mishap aside, he has largely performed well with the Steelers through four regular-season games.

At least now Brad Wing can breathe a little easier knowing Podlesh won't be replacing him anytime soon.