Stats Aren't Everything, But... Pt. 1

So, after my heart stopped racing after today's game, I decided to just stop by and look at all the "meaningless" stats they had to offer, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how we were stacking up on an individual basis. Let's go through all of the major offensive player categories and see what we can decipher.


- Big Ben comes in at 3rd based on yards. He had the most completions while still maintaining a reasonable 66% completion rate. He was rated at 100.7.

- For fun: Robert Golden is the only safety on the board, and his 100% completion rate and 118.8 passer rating indicate that he might be better than Ben. Also had more yards than Michael Vick. Maybe he should be our #3 backup.


- Bell also comes in at 3, finishing with only 1 less yard than Marshawn Lynch on one more carry against what was a very stout run defense last year.

- Fun: Archer finished with 4 yards to Big Ben's 8 yards. Very telling. I smell a bust.


-Antonio Brown finished at, who would've guessed, 3. At 116 yards he still had a better average yds/catch than AJ Green and Steve Smith.

- The Steelers were the only team to have 3 receivers in the top 20 and only 2 other teams had more than one. Markus Wheaton came in at 10 and Bell clocked at 16. That's right. Our RB is better than a handful of WR1s. Boom.

Total Yards

- Obviously, Ben still comes in at 3 here because it is a QB dominant stat, but Bell manages to be the first non-QB on the board at 19, putting him ahead of the likes of Matt Forte and a dozen other starting QBs. Neato.

So far, the offense is looking good. In the next segment I will try to do a run down of defensive placement (hint: it won't be as good), so stay tuned.

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