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2015 NFL Draft: Mike Tomlin dines with Jalen Collins and Danielle Hunter

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin continues to do his due diligence on the road, and had dinner with LSU's Jalen Collins and Danielle Hunter the night before their pro day.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Tomlin enjoys going to college pro days. He seemingly always refers to seeing the players in person telling him more than simply watching tape. With that said, Tomlin reportedly had dinner with LSU cornerback Jalen Collins and pass rusher Danielle Hunter the night before their pro day.

It seems fitting Tomlin would meet with both a pass rushing defensive end and a cornerback as those are the two biggest needs the Steelers' defense faces heading into 2015.

Both Collins and Hunter are considered players who could be on the board when the Steelers make their first round selection in the 2015 NFL Draft. The question remains whether the Steelers will go with a cornerback or a pass rusher with their first overall pick, and judging by who Tomlin chooses to wine and dine while on the road, he isn't tipping his hand either.

As Hunter is drawing comparisons to Jason Pierre-Paul for his freakish athleticism and size, and Collins being considered one of the more natural athletes in the upcoming draft at his position, Tomlin and company might have a tough decision if both players are available and a he has to choose between the two.