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2015 NFL Draft: Steelers bring in a pair of CBs and a DE for pre-draft visits

The Pittsburgh Steelers continue hosting pre-draft prospects for the upcoming 2015 NFL Draft with a pair of cornerbacks and a defensive end coming to the team's South Side facility.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers continue the process of interviewing prospects for the 2015 NFL Draft by welcoming three new visitors to the South Side complex Tuesday. The visitors are DE Kyle Emanuel from North Dakota State, CB Doran Grant from Ohio State and CB Eric Rowe from Utah.

Emanuel from North Dakota State might be the most intriguing prospect of the group. Being ridiculously successful at a smaller school often makes NFL scouts wonder if it was the player, or the competition which caused their success. Nonetheless, the Steelers are giving Emanuel a chance to meet with the team and show his capabilities. The Steelers aren't scared of drafting players from smaller schools, examples of that are in Howard Jones, Ike Taylor and even Nate Washington when he was with the team.

Emanuel is a versatile player who could fit in the Steelers' defense, but would most likely get a role on the team with special teams, if he finds Pittsburgh to be his home in 2015.

Grant might be the most battle tested cornerback the team has brought in so far this offseason, as he was a part of the Ohio State national championship run. Grant has tremendous speed and has proven he can play press coverage as well as have solid ball skills. Grant needs work on outside coverage with faster receivers, but is looked upon as a mid-round draft selection.

Rowe, from Utah, has all the physical tools to be an outstanding cornerback in the league. Projected as a second round pick, Rowe has the size and speed to play the outside and help lock down a receiver. Although questions arose on his film about his ability to stay with receivers down the field, Rowe looks to be a player on many teams' wish lists this upcoming draft.

The Steelers now have held 25 pre-draft visits, and NFL rule states each organization can hold 30. Stay tuned to BTSC for all the latest leading up to the 2015 NFL Draft.