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2015 NFL Draft: Report states LSU CB Jalen Collins had 'multiple' failed drug tests in college

The NFL Draft is less than a week away, and a player the Pittsburgh Steelers have been projected to take in the first round has been reported to have failed multiple drug tests while in college.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

On the same day BTSC wrote an article about NFL Draft prospect Randy Gregory dropping to the Pittsburgh Steelers at No. 22 in the upcoming 2015 NFL Draft, a report from Albert Breer of the NFL Network states another player who has been projected by many experts to go to the Steelers in Rd. 1 has had drug issues while in college.

Collins is considered to be a late first round pick, and looking at the Steelers' need for cornerback help, it is understandable how the team would be interested in the raw and extremely athletic defensive back. However, with this report surfacing less than a week before the draft, you wonder what it might mean for the prospect and his draft stock.

The answer to the question of whether it will impact the player in the upcoming draft will ultimately depend on whether you hold character to the same standard as talent. The same debate happens on a daily basis in regards to Gregory and his draft status.

Collins failing 'multiple' drug tests in college certainly makes you believe there is a trend and a pattern of behavior a NFL franchise might be concerned about. Is it possible NFL teams are becoming more lenient towards players with a past of drug use? Or are players becoming less concerned about how their character and/or actions can impact their draft status?

Either way, it will be interesting to see if Collins' actions in college impact when he is drafted on Thursday, or Friday.