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2015 NFL Mock Draft: Steelers select former Washington Huskies CB Marcus Peters

Steelers add the dismissed Huskies cornerback with the 22nd overall pick, according to SB Nation’s Dan Kadar.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Mock Draft season has been dominated by cornerbacks as far as the Steelers are concerned. No other position but cornerback and outside linebacker with a dash of defensive tackle has been mocked to Pittsburgh, and Dan Kadar of SB Nation is keeping with that trend.

It used to be Wake Forest's Kevin Johnson, but it's changing up to former Washington Huskies standout Marcus Peters. It's not a question of ability with Peters - an excellent cover cornerback who shows some physicality against the run - it's really about how he addresses and accepts responsibility for his part in a series of incidents that led to his dismissal from the team.

Writes Kadar:

"The Steelers haven't taken a defensive back in the first two rounds of the draft since 2005, and the level of talent on the team shows it. Peters may have had some issues at Washington, but they may have been overblown."

Peters falling to 22 creates something of a contradiction. In order for the Steelers to select him, he likely will have to interview well and hold himself accountable to what happened at Washington. Even if the situation was overblown (there isn't anything suggesting that's the case outside of opinion. College teams do not just dismiss high level players midway through the season), his ability to properly own up to his part of it will be key. If he does, how is he available at 22? He's considered to be a top-15 level talent, and in a pass-heavy league, cornerbacks are needed more than more. Peters is considerably further along in his development than Justin Gilbert was last year, and Gilbert was the eighth overall pick.

Certainly, each team will be convinced of his character to their own means, and it's possible teams in the 10-20 range will simply find someone else they'd rather work with. If the Steelers are convinced he will contribute positively to their team and take his development seriously, they'd get a steal at 22.