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Todd McShay Mock Draft: Steelers stay with CB theme, pick up Jalen Collins

A high-ceiling and long-limbed player, Collins could be a good fit if the Steelers are willing to give him a year to develop in practice.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There are lots of Collins in this draft. There are lots of cornerbacks being connected to the Steelers this Mock Draft season.

It seems fitting ESPN's Todd McShay would send LSU cornerback Jalen Collins to the Steelers with the 22nd overall pick.

The most alluring aspect of Collins is his size. He's long and lanky, and a pretty good athlete to boot. On the down side, he has 10 career starts and it's highly unlikely he'll step on the field and play significant snaps in Week 1.

Collins looks like a good fit for a team with good depth at the position, and many would argue that's not the Steelers. Still, with William Gay and Cortez Allen signed in 2015, and the possibility of bringing Brice McCain back at a low rate next year, a player with the high upside as Collins might be a good option.

Not many cornerbacks even in the NFL now have the combination of size and speed Collins does. If he's taking something of a redshirt year in 2015, but is able to grow into his frame and learn the fine details of the game, he could be an excellent pick at 22.