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2015 NFL Mock Draft: See who the Steelers land in rounds 2-4

It's much of the same, but with a new, interesting twist.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The standard is the standard (obviously) and that standard through the mock draft season has been to send a cornerback to the Steelers.

Charlie Campbell of Walter Football keeps with that tradition on Mock Draft Monday, revamping the presence of Wake Forest's Kevin Johnson in the first round, letting the Steelers grab him with the 22nd overall pick.

Campbell's reasoning:

In speaking with sources, Johnson is grading out as a possible late first-round or second-round pick. Some teams have him in Round 2 just because of concerns about his size. The 6-foot-1, 175-pounder is a good cover corner who needs to add weight for the NFL. He has the length and athleticism to cover big receivers along the sideline. If Johnson can add weight in the lead up to the 2015 NFL Draft, that could help him to be a Thursday night pick.

We believe it. That's precisely how we would value Johnson - a player who has skills on par with a first round cornerback, but the frame of a freshman. He's light, but that doesn't make him unwilling. He will do the work in run support, he's just going to have to work that much harder on positioning and technique, because he won't be difficult to overpower at the point of attack.

He's a good cover cornerback, though, and he can play zone. Keep an eye on his Combine results, if he weighs in a bit heavier than 175 pounds, he'll be a first round pick.

He's not the only Steel34D-endorsed player mocked to Pittsburgh, though. Campbell sends UCLA DE/OLB Owamagbe Odighizuwa to Pittsburgh in the second round.

He writes:

Pittsburgh grabs some edge defense help. A defender like Odighizuwa makes a lot of sense for the Steelers as they feature more 4-3 schemes. He has the strength and length for 4-3 end and the athleticism to stand up as a rush linebacker.

On one hand, we feel we should congratulate Campbell for being one of the few analysts who recognize the amount of 4-3 style defensive alignments the Steelers run.

On the other, he's listed here strictly as a defensive end, and the 4-3 kinds of looks the Steelers run are more in regards to the alignment of their interior players, Cam Heyward in particular. It isn't to say it's impossible for the team to look for a 7-technique player, but if they take an edge player in the second round, he's going to be coached in their base defense as well as sub packages, so he's going to stand up a lot as well.

The Steelers stay with edge defense in the third round, picking up Louisville's Lorenzo Mauldin, a more prototypical outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense - which is to say his transition may be a little smoother than Odighizuwa's. But all defense in the first three rounds seems like a stretch for a team that typically looks to balance things out. The argument can be made there's a need for such a move, but it still seems unlikely.

The Steelers' drafting contingent would likely drop the mic and begin their press conference briefings after selecting Notre Dame's Ben Koyack in the fourth round.

Kiper would give it an 'A' and the Nation would rejoice.