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Mel Kiper mock draft 3.0: Steelers select Alabama S Landon Collins

Collins is a name that's been linked to the 22nd overall pick previously, and judging by the players expected to go in the first 21 picks, he may be viewed as the best player available.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

We know Le'Veon Bell's thoughts regarding ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper.

His mock draft is still a popular bit of internet conversation fodder. His third version, released Thursday, provides a bit more food for the trough.

Kiper sent Alabama safety Landon Collins to Pittsburgh with the 22nd pick, the same as his previous mock draft.

It's possible Kiper is riding the momentum being generated from whispers of the imminent release of safety Troy Polamalu. It's just as possible the Steelers take Collins, two drafts after they traded up in the fourth round to land Syracuse safety Shamarko Thomas and an offseason removed from signing free safety Mike Mitchell to a $25 milion contract.

Still, the best teams select talent. It's possible, judging by the rest of his first round mock draft, Collins fits the bill as the best player available (notable players taken after Collins are Marcus Peters, Kevin Johnson and T.J. Clemmings).

Adding another safety, particularly one as aggressive around the line of scrimmage as Collins, may help the Steelers create a more versatile approach in their secondary. Mitchell played strong safety previously in his career, and his athleticism and size may have value in turning him into more of a roving safety.

Overall, we'd say the selection of Collins isn't likely, but it's worth considering at this point in the mock draft season.