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Steelers scouts in attendance at Wake Forest Pro Day

Their main target is likely senior cornerback Kevin Johnson, who's stock rose a bit after an impressive Combine.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Johnson has a slight frame, but his game packs a punch.

The lanky but rangy cornerback may have solidified himself as a first round pick with an impressive Combine performance that saw him test above average in speed and agility drills.

He has a great combination of vision and footwork, leading some to believe he'd be considered among the top two or three cornerbacks available in this draft if he was a bit bigger.

That's nothing some steak and weights can't fix, though.

The Steelers are likely interested, considering reports suggest they sent scouts to Wake Forest's Pro Day today. Johnson will most likely be available for the Steelers, who have the 22nd pick in April's NFL Draft.

The Steelers attend and speak to dozens of prospects during the Pro Day circuit around the country, and this will be the first of many viewing parties they'll send to candidates for that pick, but Johnson's one to remember as draft speculation season continues.