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2015 NFL Draft: Breakdown of Pittsburgh Steelers 22 pre-draft visits by position

Every team in the NFL is permitted to host 30 pre-draft visits leading up to the NFL Draft. The Steelers have hosted 22 players so far. See the breakdown by position.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

With each NFL organization allowed to host 30 pre-draft visits for NFL prospects, as of April 20th, the Pittsburgh Steelers have already hosted 22 of their potential 30 with the 2015 NFL Draft just over a week away.

Per Chris Adamski of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Steelers 22 visits have been broken down by position, and the results are rather glaring.

6 cornerbacks
5 tight ends
4 wide receivers
4 edge rusher / OLB
1 defensive tackle
1 guard
1 quarterback

All tallied up it equates to 22 visits, and to say the team could be tipping their hand as to which direction they head in the draft might be an understatement. That doesn't mean the team is tipping their hand as to where they go with the No. 22 pick in the first round of the upcoming draft, but you can clearly see where the team feels their needs are.

The obvious deficiency in the team's cornerback depth is the ultimate reason for them hosting so many defensive backs on pre-draft visits. The same could be said about the depth at tight end, wide receiver and outside linebacker. If you look at our pre-draft visit tracker, you will see most of the players who were brought in were not to be considered first round talent. Actually, only a few would be players looking to be drafted on Thursday of the NFL Draft.

With that said, the Steelers are doing their jobs in looking at players in the mid-to-late rounds who can help bolster the lineup at a multitude of positions of need heading into 2015. The Steelers will likely hold more pre-draft visitors before the draft on April 30th, and odds are the visitors would fall into one of the categories above in terms of position.