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2015 NFL Draft: Randy Gregory's rocky transition to the NFL could have him fall to the Steelers at No. 22

For Nebraska pass rusher Randy Gregory, it hasn't been the best of times the past few months. Going from a top 10 first round selection, to now being discussed as a late first round selection, things seem to be going South.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

If the 2015 NFL Draft were the stock market, you could certainly entertain the thought of buying big on Randy Gregory's stock. Not because it is sky rocketing, but his stock is as low as ever and has a potential for a tremendous gain if everything goes as planned.

It hasn't been a smooth transition from college football to the NFL for the Nebraska pass rusher. When declaring himself eligible for the 2015 NFL Draft, Gregory has gone from a top 10 first round talent, to now being rumored to fall to the late 1st round. As some might say, "Well, he is still a first round player." there is a big difference between being selected at No. 10 compared to No. 20.

It all started when Gregory failed a marijuana test prior to the NFL Scouting Combine, and from there it has gone from bad to worse. Gregory reportedly has been shooting himself in the foot in interviews with teams. Not consistent with interviews from one team to another, and an overwhelming lack of remorse over his failed drug test. This isn't to ignite a discussion on marijuana and it's place in today's society, but rather to get a glimpse into a player who could be expected to be a large part of an NFL franchise in 2015.

After the failed drug test Gregory went on a tour of North America to an incredible number of NFL franchises, the Pittsburgh Steelers being one of those franchises. Throughout his travels, concerns over Gregory's weight became another issue with the pass rusher. Some started to question his ability to gain, and keep, weight on as well as whether he was too skinny to play the position at the NFL level.

All of these factors tie together, and as NFL teams speak with one another about prospects, a recent report from ProFootballTalk states there is talk among NFL executives Gregory could fall to the back half of the Draft which starts next Thursday. In the report, NFL Network Draft expert Mike Mayock talks of NFL teams who will be selecting in the back half of the first round having a general feeling Gregory will still be on the board when they make their selection.

This news is causing personnel departments to have the dialogue with owners regarding Gregory being a prospect they are interested in despite his rocky transition from college to the pro level. The Steelers very well could be one of those teams sitting at the No. 22 position in the upcoming Draft, but all the questions which would have Gregory falling to them at No. 22 still require answers. Do you take the talent with the risk of further character issues down the road?

Tough questions to answer, but if Gregory does fall to the Steelers at 22, he would certainly be a difficult prospect to pass on.