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2015 NFL Draft: Steelers Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert hold fast with Best Player Available approach

Regardless of the amount of mock drafts you read and the draft needs articles which are posted, the Pittsburgh Steelers' brass continue to ignore team needs and focus strictly on best player available in the NFL draft.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and general manager Kevin Colbert recently held a lead-up press conference for the approaching 2015 NFL Draft. When the conference began, they were immediately peppered with questions on Antonio Brown, draft visits and even injury queries. However, of all the questions and answers, one response stood out the most, and it was the team's consistent theory on drafting the best player available and not a position of need.

Kevin Colbert went into great detail during the press conference about how you simply can't pass up a great player in the draft regardless of which position he plays. So, although the Steelers' most glaring deficiencies remain on the defensive side of the ball, don't let that be an indicator of the team's approach to the draft.

Does this leave the door open for an offensive player to possibly be drafted in the first round this Thursday? It certainly doesn't close the door. Although every expert and person with a keyboard has the Steelers addressing their needs at the pass rusher position and cornerback in this year's draft, you never truly know what the time might be thinking until you see who is left on the board when it is time for the Steelers to turn in their No. 22 selection.

It just so happens the Steelers' biggest needs heading into the 2015 season are the deepest positions in the upcoming draft. Outside linebacker is the deepest draft class Colbert has seen "in 10-15 years", and the cornerbacks are a solid group; however, don't let those simple facts fool you in regards to what the Steelers might do on Thursday April 30th.

With the best player available theory, the team will draft the best player at any position who is on the board when they draft at No. 22. The team has employed this philosophy since Colbert has been the man labeled general manager. Is it the best philosophy? Some might argue against it, but the Steelers don't waver in this philosophy which is reiterated yearly leading up to the NFL draft.

So who will the team's first round draft pick be? It all depends on who remains on the board when the Steelers go on the clock. Should be fun. Buckle up Steelers fans.