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2015 NFL Draft Grades: Grading the Pittsburgh Steelers selection of Anthony Chickillo

The Steelers have selected Anthony Chickillo in the 2015 NFL Draft. Time to grade out the selection, what grade would you give the pick?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Chickillo is an interesting pick for the Steelers, who drafted Chickillo with the 212th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Chickillo, a five-star recruit out of high school, failed to live up to his hype during his time with the Miami Hurricanes. But after standing out at the East-West Shrine Game, Chickillo's potential status as an NFL player began to breathe more life.

That potential and his natural physical gifts led to the Steelers drafting 6'4'', 267-pound Chickillo, who hinted on several occasions that he wasn't used properly at Miami, which led to his average production. He said that he can thrive at the next level if put in the right system to thrive. Chickillo likes a 3-4 defense, and after spending his career at Miami playing in a 4-3 defense, he'll get his chance to play in his preferred defensive alignment with the Steelers.

While his draft bio on isn't very flattering, ESPN draft analysts Todd McShay and Hall-of-Fame General Manager Bill Polian had very positive things to say about Chickillo. While his bio questioned everything from his slow twitch muscles and his lack of a natural position, McShay and Polian seemed confident that Chickillo can and will find a place on the Steelers defense.

"(Chickillo was) playing in a scheme that didnt fit what he was set to do well in," McShay said."He's a talented prospect.
Hes big, strong, and was a standout as the East-Weat Shrine Game."

Polian added: "(Chickillo) stood out in that All-Star game. He showed his agility, destructiveness, and his tougness. He will make it in the NFL, I believe."

Every NFL draft pick is a hit-or-miss proposition, regardless of which round, and the selection of Anthony Chickillo is the perfect example of this fact. But if Chickillo's talent really is as good as advertised, and all he needed was a team that would allow him to play in a 3-4 defense, people could be looking back at this pick and calling it the steal of the Steelers 2015 Draft.

BTSC Grade: B+