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2015 NFL Draft Grades: Grading the Pittsburgh Steelers class of 2015

The Pittsburgh Steelers answered a lot of questions in their 2015 Draft class, but did they leave potential on the board? What is your grade for the team's class of 2015?

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

It is time to look at the 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers' draft class and distribute grades to each of the players selected, and then an overall grade to the class as a whole. The Steelers had glaring deficiencies on the defensive side of the football, and were able to address those needs while also adding pieces to an already stellar offense.

See how we graded out each player and the class as a whole:

1st Round: Alvin Dupree, OLB, Kentucky: Fan Grade: A / BTSC Grade: A

2nd Round: Senquez Golson, CB, Ole Miss: Fan Grade: B / BTSC Grade: C+

3rd Round: Sammie Coates, WR, Auburn: Fan Grade: B / BTSC Grade: B

4th Round: Doran Grant, CB, Ohio State: Fan Grade: A / BTSC Grade: B+

5th Round: Jesse James, TE, Penn State: Fan Grade: B / BTSC Grade: B

6th Round: Leturrius Walton, DT, Central Michigan: Fan Grade: B / BTSC Grade: B+

6th Round: Anthony Chickillo, DE, Miami (FL): Fan Grade: B / BTSC Grade: B

7th Round: Gerod Holliman, S, Louisville: Fan Grade: A / BTSC Grade: A-

The Steelers addressed plenty of needs, and none larger than the need for playmakers on the defense. Golson and Holliman together made up 24 interceptions in 2014. Will the success in college translate to the NFL? Only time will tell, but when you address the secondary with Golson, Grant and Holliman and add a pass rusher like Bud Dupree it is tough to ignore the massive amounts of potential that team has within this rookie class.

Offensively getting Sammie Coates and James will certainly help give some competition in training camp while Coates could be a difference maker with his straight line speed and ability to take the top off of defenses.

All together this was a very good draft class, on paper. Sure there were blunders along the way, but the Steelers did a great job drafting talent with their number was called. What grade do you give this group of draftees?

BTSC Overall Draft Grade: A-