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Pittsburgh Steelers 2nd Round Draft pick Senquez Golson knows how to throw a draft party

The Ole Miss CB who was selected in the second round by the Pittsburgh Steelers wasn't at the NFL Draft. Instead he threw a part, and boy did they go nuts when the announcement was made.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

When NFL teams announce their draft pick on national TV, you expect the usual reaction from players who didn't make the trip to the NFL Draft. There is excitement, there are high-fives and hugs and there is the occasional tear shed in the moment of joy when the player realizes his life's goals of playing football at the NFL level have finally come to fruition.

When Senquez Golson was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2015 NFL Draft, he threw a party. When NFL commissioner Roger Goodell got to the podium and had legendary cornerback Mel Blount announce that the Pittsburgh Steelers selected Senquez Golson in the second round of the draft, Golson's party wasn't as mundane as most. Take a look in the video below:

You can see Golson sitting at the table when the announcement is made, and he has to leave the room while on the phone (presumably with Mike Tomlin) just to be able to hear. Needless to say, Golson's family and friends are excited he is a member of the Steelers, and so is he.

Tip of the cap for our friends at Red Cup Rebellion - SB Nation's Ole Miss blog - for sharing the video with us.