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2015 NFL Draft Grades: grades out the Pittsburgh Steelers draft class

The grades keep pouring in for the Pittsburgh Steelers and their 2015 draft class. See what had to say about the additions made by Pittsburgh.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

It is difficult to gauge a draft class only days after the 2015 NFL Draft officially ended. However, you can certainly grade the team's front office and the decisions which were - or weren't - made throughout the process of the draft. This is exactly what did with their rapid-fire grading of the 2015 NFL Draft class.

Bryan Fischer of broke down every team by division, and within the AFC North he viewed the Steelers as having the worse draft among the four teams. See exactly what he thought of the team's draft class:

Pittsburgh Steelers
Draft pick: DE/LB Bud Dupree (No. 22 overall), CB Senquez Golson (No. 56 overall), WR Sammie Coates (No. 87 overall), CB Doran Grant (No. 121 overall), TE Jesse James (No. 160 overall), DT Leterrius Walton (No. 199 overall), DE Anthony Chickillo (No. 212 overall), DB Gerod Holliman (No. 239 overall)

Day 1 grade:
Day 2 grade: D-
Day 3 grade: A
Overall grade: B-

The skinny: Dupree was being discussed as a potential top-10 pick, so the Steelers got plenty of value grabbing him at No. 22, and without having to trade up. With his size, Dupree suits the team's scheme better than the other top edge rushers in the draft, and he is a freakish athlete who can be a big factor on defense. The team needed to take a corner, but in Golson it got one who is 5-foot-8 and probably went a round too early. Coates' issues with drops are well documented, and that won't play in the Steel City. Grant is a perfect player for the hard-nosed Steelers defense and arguably provides better value than Golson. The team nabbed their tight end in the fifth round after several misses and might have gotten a great one near the goaline in James.

Bottom line: Dupree could turn into a monster, but a solid Day 3 didn't make up for some big reaches on Day 2.

It seems Fischer feels the second day of the draft is what lowered the team's grade compared to their counterparts within the division. Nonetheless, as old and worn out as it is becoming, Golson's smaller stature seems to be lowering his stock although anyone with a computer is showing there are plenty of cornerbacks who can compete at his size at the NFL level.

The Steelers took some gambles in the latest draft class, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. You don't often get the reward without a little risk. Could Golson turn out to be the next Ricardo Colclough? Possibly, but he could also be exactly what Brice McCain (who is 5-foot 9-inches by the way) was for the team in 2014. A solid nickel and dime cornerback who could step to the outside if need be.

A draft class can't be graded by one, or even two, players. As a whole, the Steelers filled needs, and although the Baltimore Ravens (A), Cleveland Browns (B+) and Cincinnati Bengals (A+) were given higher draft grades, fans of the black and gold should take a 'wait-and-see' approach to this class and see what they are able to put on the field.