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Despite Martavis Bryant's explosive play, Markus Wheaton remains Steelers No. 2 WR

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have a good problem to have, and that problem is plenty of capable receivers vying for playing time.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When fans see Martavis Bryant effortlessly gliding down the field underneath a Ben Roethlisberger pass, there isn't a prettier sight to see. At the same time, when fans look at the official Pittsburgh Steelers depth chart, they might scratch their heads in regards to the depth chart at the wide receiver position. After all, how is Markus Wheaton above Bryant when it comes to the WR2 position?

The answer is simple: Despite Bryant's explosive plays, Wheaton is a tremendous wide receiver.

This is a good problem to have for the Steelers, when you to almost have split hairs to decipher which receiver should see the most playing time on any given Thursday, Sunday or Monday. Nonetheless, it is Wheaton who will be standing opposite Antonio Brown when the team runs a basic two-wide receiver offensive formation.

For those who might be wondering if this is a sign of a setback for the budding superstar which is isn't, but rest easy knowing this says more about Wheaton then it does Bryant.

Wheaton is entering his third year, has a true grasp on Todd Haley's offense and is by far a more polished receiver than Bryant. Wheaton doesn't have the size of Bryant, but there is a reason Roethlisbeger predicted Wheaton to be the offense's breakout player in 2015.

When it comes to the team's depth chart, some will argue it is merely semantics between the WR2 and WR3 positions, but the fact of the matter is if the team is going to have a full back and/or extra tight end on the field to run the football, Bryant will be the one watching on the sideline more often than not. Wheaton has accepted the role of slot receiver when the team moves into a three or four wide receiver set, and it is a role he should embrace as he saw short-term success in 2014 from the position.

The Steelers offense is dynamic, with playmakers throughout the roster. You can't get everyone the football on every play, and you can't have everyone on the field on every play either. However, if there could be a "sleeper" player on this 2015 Steelers offense, it very well might be Wheaton. Overshadowed by the "Killer B's" in Ben Roethlisberger, Martavis Bryant, Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell, Wheaton will get plenty of one-on-one matchups to exploit. Him exploiting those matchups could have a lot to do with his spot on the depth chart remaining unchanged.