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Week 1: Steelers vs. Patriots - News, headlines and updates

Lawrence Timmons is healthy and ready to win

If you were worried about the standing of Lawrence Timmons going into week 1, worry no more. He's back.

Cam Heyward on Patriots: "Our best vs. their best"

The Pittsburgh Steelers will now be facing Tom Brady in Week 1 when the team travels to Foxborough to play the Patriots, and count Cameron Heyward into the group who is going to be happy to see No. 12 under center.

Tom Brady verdict the best scenario for Steelers

Yes, I'm already sick of the triumphant proclamations of Brady's vindication too, but the reality is Brady's reinstatement and participation in the Week 1 tilt with the Steelers is actually the best-case scenario for Steelers fans.

Early odds on the Steelers vs. Patriots Wk 1 game

On September 10th the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots will kick off the 2015 regular season in Foxborough. See what the sport books in Las Vegas are saying in regards to the early odds on the game.