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Pittsburgh Steelers: Week 1 Fantasy Football takeaways

What fantasy football takeaways can we glean from the Steelers loss to the Patriots?

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If you're a Steelers fan, you were probably dismayed about the loss to the New England Patriots on Thursday. If you're not a Steelers fan, or if you're reading this article with your fantasy team owner hat on, here are a few takeaways from Week 1 that can help you improve your fantasy game this week.

Players to count on for Week 2

QB Ben Roethlisberger

Though the Steelers lost in Week 1, Roethlisberger put up plenty of yardage. Even without Martavis Bryant, Roethlisberger has enough offensive weapons to continue to be a reliable source of fantasy points in Week 2.

WR Antonio Brown

If you have Antonio Brown on your roster, congratulations. He should be in for a monster year with Big Ben at the helm.

RB DeAngelo Williams

Williams filled in splendidly for Le'Veon Bell, who is serving a suspension for a marijuana-related infraction from 2014. He totaled 127 yards in the season opener, the first time he ran for over 100 yards since early on in the 2013 season. Once Le'Veon Bell comes back, Williams productivity will decline, but for Week 2, he is a safe bet for fantasy points.

WR Markus Wheaton

With Martavis Bryant suspended, Wheaton could be a good source of fantasy points in Week 2. He totaled 55 yards and scored a 2-point conversion. He was targeted seven times for only three completions, one of which was a dropped pass that would have resulted in a sure touchdown. If Wheaton has worked out early-season nerves, he could end up being a significant contributor in terms of fantasy points, especially while Bryant is absent.

Players to pass on

RB/WR Dri Archer

Though he has tremendous potential, it is unlikely he will do much in terms of fantasy points. With DeAngelo Williams playing extremely well and special teams a disaster, Dri Archer will not have much of a chance to showcase his talent.

K Josh Scobee

Scobee did not inspire confidence in the season opener, missing two field goals that could have provided points and momentum for the Steelers to put up a more serious challenge to the Patriots. Heinz Field is notoriously difficult for kickers, so if Scobee is on your roster, consider picking up someone else.


With a weak secondary, expect the Steelers to give up a lot of points, even against the 49ers. The Steelers have also struggled in generating turnovers and defensive points. Until the unit adjusts to Cover 2 and the coaches sort out frustrating personnel issues, pass on the Steelers D.

Other Considerations

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick

The mobile QB could have a big game against the Steelers. Between the poor pass rush and weak secondary, Kaepernick has a chance to connect with receivers frequently and consistently. Also, Kaepernick can be a threat on the ground, a QB characteristic the Steelers have struggled to neutralize in past games.

49ers DEF/ST

Sit your 49ers defense. The Steelers offensive threat makes any opponent's defense a poor fantasy choice.