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Pittsburgh Steelers: The Landry Jones Experiment

Landry Jones was perhaps the most controversial player of the HoF game. Was he good enough? Terrible? Does he deserve a place on the team? Let's take a look at articles about Jones over the years.

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Yesterday a visitor from another team's blog asked, "Why the obsession with Landry Jones?" While fans can nitpick on seemingly insignificant details of the game, the Landry Jones Experiment has been a source of distress, concern, worry, and interest since he joined the team as a fourth-round pick in 2013. With our backup quarterback Bruce Gradkowski hurt, our third-string QB will likely play the backup role for at least part of the regular season.

Is Landry Jones that guy? Or is he That Guy?

First, let's take a look at his scouting report.

Strengths: "Extremely productive... Very effective in the intermediate passing game."

Weaknesses: "Really struggles when under duress. Feels pressure when it isn't there. Not an elite athlete... Inconsistent in his reads and making decisions."

Here are some of our views about Landry Jones over the years

Why Tajh Boyd will replace Landry Jones as the Steelers No. 3 Quarterback. Christopher Carter was on this story before Gradkowski's injury (so,yeah, even before the injury to our No. 2 we were a bit obsessed)

He wasn't the first to speculate on Jones, however. BTSC has been ruminating on this topic for years.


In 2013 when Jones was still on the radar as an heir-apparent to Ben Roethlisberger, concerns arose right after rookie camp. Back then, Mike Tomlin reassured everyone: "He's at the very beginning of his journey." Check out an article from 2013 about his prospects in the league and what his poor rookie camp was thought to mean. Steelers Landry Jones is a work in progress.

That reassurance came after worry and confusion about Jones.

In 2013, Anthony Defeo put the acquisition of Jones in perspective: Doubtful the Steelers drafted Landry Jones with the intent of replacing Ben Roethlisberger.

In April 2013, Michael Uhlhorn also had an insightful assessment of Landry Jones and his potential role with the team. Steelers Draft Evaluation: Quarterback Landry Jones


Jones was already under fire after his first year. Jack Finn wrote an article about the Jones' struggle to adjust to the NFL. Steelers OTAs: Landry Jones working to improve after rough rookie season.

On his 2-minute drill, Neal Coolong noted Jones was behind the curve even last year. Landry Jones well behind 2013 draft classmates

And, finally (not definitively, just for the purposes of this article), Jones was called "fat that could be trimmed" in another article by Neal Coolong. Steelers roster analysis: Other moves appear imminent as Steelers prepare for Week 1 vs Cleveland.


So, here we are still dissatisfied with Jones, and still wondering why he is on the roster. Now, however, the situation is a big more urgent since Gradkowski is out with an injury. Will next month's articles be about his tremendous improvements and adjustment to the NFL- at last? Or, will it be more of the same?