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Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Discussion: You be the coach

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A lot of us play fantasy football as fake-- er real! It's definitely real!-- team owners. How about a shot at fantasy coaching? What would you be sure to address this week if you were in charge?

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Come game day, and pretty much every day during training camp, fans become arm-chair coaches. Or, in my case, a big-enough-for-six-kids-and-two-dogs-and-two-adults sectional coach. Whatever your seat of choice, it's hard not to spew advice as if we had enough NFL experience to seriously compete for a head coaching spot.

What advice did you have for the coaching staff after the HoF game going into this week of practice? With another preseason game coming up, your perspective is more important than ever. Actually, it isn't important at all... to the Steelers, but we at BTSC care to hear how YOU would coach the Steelers and what decisions you would make this week in light of Sunday's loss and with another game rapidly approaching.

Here are my top four moves. Share yours in the comments section.

1) Preventing injuries

I am not overtraining the defense by doing extra conditioning, which could make them vulnerable to injuries. A greater number of players are getting extra days off this week off as well. I'm going to get Garrett Giemont to help out more with this.

2) Teaching tackling

Arthur Moats is right. He-- and a lot of other players-- need some back-to-basics technique work in the art of tackling.

3) Helping out other coaches

Here's what I mean: Danny Smith, special teams coach, might need some special support.

4) Preaching common sense

Some lapses in judgment on Sunday in terms of senseless penalties, useless & senseless tackles (Suisham, grrrrr), and inability to execute very simple football moves (like catching the ball, running without tripping over grass, etc.)

5) Figuring out what was going on with the under-performing new guys.

Was it nerves, something more? With roster cuts coming up, it is only fair to find out if there is hope for some of the men who looked particularly bad on Sunday.