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Inside Steelers Training Camp: Garrett Hartley's guide to kicking at Heinz Field: "Don't Miss"

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The Pittsburgh Steelers welcomed a new place kicker this week. Hear from Garrett Hartley as well as several other Steelers and coaches as BTSC takes you inside Steelers Training Camp with some raw audio.

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As the Pittsburgh Steelers prepare for the Jacksonville Jaguars Friday night, they are also welcoming in a new key component of their 2015 team in place kicker Garrett Hartley. Hartley was signed after regular place kicker Shaun Suisham was lost for the season with a torn ACL in his knee.

As BTSC takes you inside Steelers training camp, take a listen to some raw audio of players and coaches as they talk about the previous game against the Minnesota Vikings, and expectations for the team heading into the Jaguars game.

Hear from Dri Archer about his improving performance against the Vikings, yet why he still says, "the tape never lies" in regards to his production and plays he left on the field.

Coach Tomlin address the media as he breaks down injuries, playing time and expectations for the upcoming preseason game in Jacksonville and why he views the next game as an, "awesome opportunity" for this team as they continue their "growth process".

Also, William Gay talks about where he sees Brandon Boykin fitting into the defense as well as the team's performance last Sunday in the Hall of Fame Game, and new kicker Garrett Hartley's guide to mastering kicking at Heinz Field. It is simple really: "Don't Miss".

Enjoy the raw audio below as BTSC takes you further into Steelers Training Camp.

Dri Archer

Mike Tomlin

William Gay

Garrett Hartley