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Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Recap: August 17

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The Steelers only have a few practices left before they depart Saint Vincent College for another season. See what happened in practice on Monday in Latrobe, PA.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are in their final week of training camp before they return to their South Side practice facility leading up to the 2015 NFL season. Nonetheless, before players get too anxious about going home, there are still practices to be had. See what happened in practice Monday.

Home Run Derby

Every year the Steelers host a player "Home Run Derby" on campus, and the winner varies from linemen who used to play baseball, to quarterbacks who are just ridiculous athletes. The winner in 2015? That quarterback who is a ridiculous athlete. Ben Roethlisberger got the job done, and as a three sport star in High School, there is no surprise Big Ben can hit the long ball.

Tomlin continues to put fingerprint on defense

Mike Tomlin continues to work with defensive backs on Cover 2 philosophy and methods in training camp, and was very hands on in camp on Monday. At one point Monday, Tomlin was watching the defensive backs in their drops and ensuring they were up to his specifications and praising several players for doing exactly what he was looking for. The team needs to see improvement in the Cover 2 scheme as it was exploited on more than one occasion by Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars. As Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers come to town this Sunday it could be a learning experience for many players.

Players who were out

Players who didn't participate in Monday's practice for one reason or another: Vince Williams (hamstring), Stephon Tuitt (undisclosed injury), Cameron Clear (minor knee surgery), Jordan Zumwalt (undisclosed injury), Lawrence Timmons (toe), Ross Ventrone (ankle), Steve McLendon (rest day).

Offense bests defense in '7 Snaps'

The offense bested the defense in the '7 snaps' drill to start practice. Roethlisberger through three touchdown passes as Landry Jones threw another touchdown to Ray Hamilton.

Wild moved to ILB

Ian Wild was an inside linebacker in college, as well as the CFL. The Steelers wanted to move him to safety, as he is undersized to play ILB. However, with Timmons and Williams both out of practice, the team moved Wild to ILB and Tomlin liked what he saw. At one point causing him to say to Wild, "Hey Ian, good work man! You look like you know what you're doing, huh?!" A big boost of confidence for a player just trying to do whatever he can to make the 53-man roster.

The Steelers have a scheduled day off Tuesday, and will return to practice Wednesday.