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Steelers make several roster moves to make room for CB Brandon Boykin

The Pittsburgh Steelers released RB Ross Scheurman and TE Michael Egnew to make room for CB Brandon Boykin. The team signed RB Jawon Chilsolm to fill out their 90-man roster.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The day after the Pittsburgh Steelers traded a conditional draft pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for cornerback Brandon Boykin, they had a day to become compliant with the NFL's 90-man roster policy. The Steelers made several moves Sunday to do just that.

The team placed RB Ross Scheuerman on the waived/injured list and also released tight end Michael Egnew. Scheuerman was injured in Saturday's practice with an apparent Achille's injury which required him to be carted off the field. If he clears waivers, which he most certainly will, the team will then place him in injured reserve and reach an injury settlement with the rookie running back.

With releasing two players and signing one, it allowed the team to bring in another player and they did so in running back Jawon Chilsolm. Chisolm is a 6-foot 206-pound back out of Akron and spent rookie minicamp with the team.

Chisolm is a long-shot to make the team's 53-man roster, barring injury, but it didn't stop him from being determined to make a statement via Twitter a few days before being signed by the Steelers. Talk about foreshadowing...