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Steelers Training Camp Practice Live Updates 8/20: Will Bud Dupree calm down?

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The Pittsburgh Steelers had a spirited practice Wednesday which involved rookie OLB Bud Dupree getting into a scrap with several offensive linemen. Thursday's practice should be worth keeping tabs on, and there is no better place than with our LIVE training camp updates.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There are only two practices remaining for the Pittsburgh Steelers at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA. After Friday's practice, the team will pack up their belongings and head back to Pittsburgh for the rest of the preseason, regular season and hopefully an extended playoff run.

With that said, Wednesday's training camp session was as spirited as they get with rookie OLB Bud Dupree going after several offensive linemen during a specific drill, prompting several players and coaches to have to restrain the rookie.

Will Dupree be fired up again Thursday? Will there be more camp scuffles in the final days before camp breaks? Will Mike Tomlin ratchet up the intensity again? There is only one way to know, and that is to follow here with our LIVE training camp updates in the Twitter feed below:

Check out the remaining schedule for the Steelers this week:

Thursday, August 20 - 2:55 p.m. EST (Open to public)

Friday, August 21 - 2:55 p.m. EST (Open to public)

Saturday, August 22 - NO PRACTICE

Sunday, August 23 - Steelers vs. Packers - 1:00 p.m.