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Steelers Training Camp Recap 8/21: Bud Dupree and Marcus Gilbert hug it out

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On Wednesday Bud Dupree and Marcus Gilbert were at each other's throats. On Thursday, the two teammates were hugging it out. See what else went down at Thursday's practice.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As the Pittsburgh Steelers wind down training camp at Saint Vincent College, there were some fireworks (figurative fireworks, not literal) between rookie OLB Bud Dupree and RT Marcus Gilbert on Wednesday. As you can expect, the two players would have to talk to the media Thursday to discuss what happened, how it happened and the ramifications of what happened.

Dupree certainly took the high road when asked what happened. Per Chris Adamski of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Dupree had this to say, "Just the heat of the moment. People fight everyday in football. And it just happened to be me that day."

"I'm just a real chill person. I try to stay real mellow, but these things happen."

When he was asked about what he thought of the general line of thinking where rookies need to "know their role", Dupree said he didn't believe in such a line of thinking. There is a chance that could have had something to do with the altercation on Wednesday.

Marcus Gilbert spoke to media and said he was excited to see a spark in Dupree, something they hadn't seen throughout training camp and the preseason.

When Dupree was asked if he and Gilbert "hugged it out", his answer was on point, "Yeah -- well... (chucking), Coach T made us do it, anyway."

One-hour delay

Due to severe and dangerous weather, the Steelers practice session was delayed for an hour. Fans shouldn't have been too discouraged as players signed autographs for the hour before heading out to practice. Due to the delayed start, the team did not to their customary '7 snaps' drill to begin the session.

Sweatsuit Squad still rollin' deep

The Steelers are preparing to play the Green Bay Packers this Sunday at 1:0 p.m. EST, and there are several players who didn't participate in practice and their availability this Sunday is very much in question. The following players did not participate in the practice session for one reason or another: TE Cameron Clear (knee), WR C.J. Goodwin (undisclosed), ILB Lawrence Timmons (toe), ILB Vince Williams (hamstring), RB Josh Harris (foot), DB Cortez Allen (undisclosed but minor injury) and Ryan Shazier was unable to finish practice but should be ready for practice Friday.

And then there was one...

The Steelers have only one remaining practice Friday before they break training camp and head back to the South Side practice facility. The practice is scheduled to begin at 2:55 p.m. EST and is open to the public. If you are able to make it out to camp, take the time to see the Steelers before the 2015 season.