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My big list of BTSC/Steelers grievances

Like everyone else on the Internet, there are things that offend me. And like a lot of people who read Behind the Steel Curtain's coverage of the Pittsburgh Steelers, I have certain sports-related things that offend me. Lend me your eyes while I itemize my list of protests.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Since 2015 is a brand-new year, I feel there are several things I must get off of my chest to cleanse my soul and clear my mind.

This is especially the case when it comes to BTSC and its coverage of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and how this site has offended me time and time again. Yes, I get offended just like everyone else. If you're reading this right now, chances are, you've probably offended me. I'm sure I've reached out to you about how you've offended me but, like most other people that I've contacted, my concerns have been met either with stony silence or responses that offended me even more.

First off, Neal Coolong, editor of Behind the Steel Curtain (or should I say "czar"), you've offended me many times over the past three years. For example, what's with that language, sir? Damn? Ass? Jerk? When discussing football, bad words should never be used. How would I explain such language to my children, even if I had any? Do you think it's a parent's job to to explain things to his or her children?

I've reached out to you several times via email regarding this language, but I'm not sure if you're even getting these emails, because I haven't received any replies (just more and more offensive words like damn, jerk and hell in your articles). I even reached out to your site moderators and asked them to admonish you for your language and even suspend your account but, again, those requests have been ignored, and I'm left with nothing but an offended disposition.

Also, remember when the Steelers selected Le'Veon Bell in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft? You didn't get on board right away, even though, at that very second, I declared he would be awesome! I could see 2,000 yards from scrimmage in his second year coming just like a freight train but, when I brought this to your attention, you reminded me of similar declarations I made about Jonathan Dwyer, Baron Batch, Chris Rainey and even Limas Sweed. Instead of making a declaration right there, in April of 2013, you said you would take a wait and see approach to Bell.

Many times I've asked you for a retraction and/or apology regarding your initial opinion on Bell, but my petitions have been met with, you guessed it, offensive silence. Even after I unfollowed you on Twitter to try and send a message, this didn't seem to shake you up at all.

Finally, I reached out to you regarding a Steelers fight song that I wrote for Pittsburgh's Week-17 clash with the Bengals this past Sunday, titled "Beat dem Bengals, ain't nothin' but Pringles," and I asked you to pin it as  your top story throughout the day. With the AFC North up-for-grabs, I thought it would be just what the boys needed to get them fired up for the game.

Here's a sample: "Beat dem Bengals, ain't nothin' but Pringles, beat dem Bengals," and it just goes on like that. How is that not a great song? How could that not be your top story throughout the day?

Anyway, with all that in mind, I feel it necessary to remove myself from BTSC. Sure, I'll still lurk and read the articles and comment when necessary and fill my weekly quota for writing stories. I'll even retweet your articles, even though you've apparently unfollowed me (what's that about)? But I feel as if my time at BTSC must come to an end for the great offenses that I've been a victim of.

Next up is Ivan Cole and your Weekend Checkdowns. Yes, this weekly feature is informative and timely. Yes, it perfectly sums up seven days of important Steelers information. However, as a man who never gets weekends off, I don't need a constant reminder that other people do. I've reached out  to you several times via email about this offensive title, asking you either to change the name or stop writing the checkdowns, but those requests have been met with nothing but offensive silence. I've even reached out to Neal Coolong about it but, unless his idea of a response was to write more articles filled with words like damn and hell, my concerns have been unanswered.

Therefore, I feel it's in my best interest to leave BTSC. Sure, I'll still read the weekly checkdowns, as I feel they help me to stay current with my Steelers news. And if we ever met, I would shake your hand and pick your brain about the time you met Bill Nunn, the late, great scout who helped change Pittsburgh's fortunes around. But I feel as if you've offended me too much for me to continue to stay on BTSC any longer, Mr. Cole.

Next up is Paper Champions and your video breakdowns. Do you truly believe I know what a B-gap is? Do you think I know what gap-integrity is?

The answer to both questions is no. If I don't understand your video productions, and if they offend me, why should they be a part of BTSC? Just because other people like them and think they're informative?

I've reached out several times to you and Neal and the site administrators and asked that you stop with these offensive videos that make me look bad because I don't understand them, but instead of my concerns being met with results, I've been given the cold shoulder.

Therefore, I feel as if I must announce that I will stop being a part of BTSC. Sure, PC, I'll still watch your videos, "like" them and submit them to Digg, but since these videos have turned this community into something it wasn't years ago, I must end my association.

Steeler Fever. You with your name that offends me greatly. Like I told you several times in the many unanswered emails I've sent you, back in '84 when I was 11, I had chickenpox and spiked a fever so high that I had a nightmare that Mean Joe Greene was chasing me with a crowbar. I've asked you several times to change your name or leave the site and even brought my concerns to Neal Coolong. However, instead of a new name, I get a constant and offensive reminder of that traumatizing dream some three decades ago.

Also, I'd like to remind you of the time you called Ray Lewis an ass-clown. First of all, there's the offensive four-letter word that I can't believe I took the time to type-out on a football blog. Secondly, rodeo clowns save lives every day.

Therefore, while I would certainly buy you a drink and shoot the breeze if we ever met, I just wanted you to know how much you've offended me, Fever, and I certainly hope you can change your ways for my benefit.

Let's move on to Rebecca Rollett and your "best looking" mock draft from April of 2014. Not only are the looks of the players on this list highly overrated (Mike Evans number one?), but none of them is even a Steeler. I've reached out to Neal Coolong several times regarding my disagreement with this list, yet, the list remains.

Next up is Hombre de Acero and your "5 Burning Questions." As I've told you many times, sir, I was highly-offended by the third question from your Week 3 edition back in September of 2012. I've reached out  to you and Neal and several other people about this, but my protests have gotten me nowhere.

And then there's Homer J. You with your first-hand account of Franco's Immaculate Reception, your stories about Roberto Clemente and your appearance on NFL Films. Are you trying to make me look insignificant? I don't know about that, but you certainly have offended me greatly, and I've filed a formal complaint with NFL Films, as well as the Steelers front-office. Unlike you, I wasn't in the locker room after the Steelers 13-7 victory over the Raiders on December 23, 1972, so why should I need a constant reminder from someone who was?

Now let's talk about John Phillips, and the time I called in to your radio show on 93.7 The Fan. After patiently waiting for nearly four minutes, I asked you your opinion on the Steelers' 2014 season. When I disagreed with your opinion and asked you to change it, not only did you refuse, you thanked me for my time, shuffled me along and then took another call.

I called the station several times after that to inform them of this offensive act and even reached out to Neal Coolong, but, again, my protests  were met with silence.

Consequently, while I will still lurk and call in when I want to discuss a topic, I won't be listening to 93.7 The Fan any longer.

Finally, with all of the changes to BTSC over the years--the increased traffic, higher blog-rating, higher blog-profile, increased number of articles, many more members, increased positivity, increased negativity, back-to-back 8-8 seasons, the Mike Tomlin sideline incident from a year ago, the drafting of Dri Archer and the field goal that Ryan Succop missed on December 29, 2013--I feel as if the site has changed too much for me.

Sadly, while I will still lurk, write, comment, read, retweet, link, "like" and use the site to stay current on all things Steelers-related, I feel I can no longer be a part of BTSC.

Happy New Year and Go Steelers!