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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday Night Five

Pull up a chair, or stay right where you are on your couch, and join BTSC for a chat about our favorite team.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Week 5 is already underway, and Steelers fans will have to wait until Monday night to catch the Steelers in their battle against the San Diego Chargers in San Diego. Michael Vick has had more time to prepare than he did for the Thursday night game against the Ravens in Week 4, and several injured players are healthier and more likely to be on the field. There is a lot to discuss about Week 5 and the season in general.

As usual, tell us what you're drinking and weigh in on any or all of these questions:

1) If you aren't ideologically opposed to thinking way ahead, which players are you keeping an eye on for the 2016 draft? What position do you think the Steelers should focus on in Week 1?

2) Outside of Ben Roethlisberger, which player do you think is most critical to the team's success?

3) If you aren't worried about jinxing our new kicker, predict how many extra points and field goals for Chris Boswell.

4) The Browns take on the Ravens on Sunday. Which team do you think will win?

5) If you worked in the Steelers front office, what roster moves would you have made going into Week 1? Hindsight is 20/20, obviously.