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NFL Free Agency Day 1 open thread

Talk about the action around the league and discuss a few possible candidates for the Steelers in free agency.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

A day of action turns into a night time affair, as the league is bustling with transactions and reactions and all kinds of actions.

The Steelers? Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Baltimore trades Haloti Ngata and his salary for two mid-round picks, or, pretty much what they gave Jacksonville for Eugene Monroe. What goes around comes around. Ngata was set to make an obscene amount of money as one of the rare players who reaches a renegotiation year, isn't worth an extension and can't be cut. Good move on their part as well as the Lions.

Chip Kelly was given the March Super Bowl championship trophy, which he deserved when, through unearned reputation alone, fans became convinced he orchestrated a trade of Nick Foles to the Rams, receiving Sam Bradford and a second round pick. Not only would that be the most ridiculous trade ever, it serves as evidence Eagles fans are so action-drunk from the past week even the media covering the team is dizzy.

They picked up Bradford's contract, and we are to be convinced Kelly - and his zero playoff wins and front office experience - is going to turn him into Marcus Mariota.

I love the offseason.

Who's still available? Which players do you like? Can Oakland possibly spend more money on players who aren't worth it? Let's discuss it all here on our modified and truncated NFL free agency open thread.