After Failed Drug Test, Randy Gregory Available at 22?

Yesterday, OLB Randy Gregory admitted to failing a drug test due to his consumption of marijuana. More of that story in the SB Nation article:

While many regarded Gregory as a top-10 pick prior to the failed drug test, I think that there is a possibility that he may fall to a later draft pick or out of the first round. However, here are some questions looming over Gregory- share your thoughts in the comments section below:

1). Could he be the next elite OLB from purely a football perspective? Is he too talented to pass up on if he fell to 22? Is he worth the Steelers trading up to (let's say pick 14-15 or so)?

2). Do you think he could be the next Josh Gordon, or Ryan Leaf, or neither?

3). If he fell to 22, would you think a team like the Ravens would pass on this guy too?

4). If you had to pick either Randy Gregory or Markus Peters, who would you draft considering both their off the field issues, talent, and positional need for the Steelers?

5). Where do you realistically see him falling to (or not) in the draft? Same position (top 10 pick), late in the first, or some later round in the draft?

Also, please try not to make this political regarding the legalization of marijuana in certain states, and etc. Discuss!

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