Bucky Brooks rates Lions, Packers, Giants (and others) receiving corps above Steelers'.

If Kevin Colbert does anything well as a GM, and mind you I think he does a lot of things well, he knows how to draft receivers. It seems like every year in the draft we walk out with a talented mid-rounder that produces on the field and then... well, promptly leaves via free agency.

All of this to say: It's completely preposterous (okay - I can kind of see the Giants) that someone could even think of rating the Lions, Packers, and Giants above the Steelers in terms of receivers. That isn't to say those teams don't have some serious gems, however.

(to preface: I don't have a deep working knowledge of the receivers in these teams' draft classes)

I'll start with the Lions. Yes - Calvin Johnson is still there, and he produces. I had endzone seats at a Lions Browns game (don't ask) a while back and got to enjoy a Calvin Johnson dunk on their posts before the rule change. They also have Golden Tate - a very talented receiver with great hands. He piled up the receptions last year and had very respectable yardage. After those two... the list kind of drops off. The third and fourth receivers on their roster had a combined 526 yards and 2 touchdowns. They are also sporting two tight ends: Eric Ebron and Brandon Pettigrew ... with 248 yards and 70 yards respectively. That's right - old man Heath Miller has them both beat (combined) with 761 yards. Joique Bell caught 34 passes for 322 yards at running back. I don't even need to comment on that one.

On to the Giants! At first glance this one seems more feasible: Odell Beckham Jr. (almost a Steeler by certain draft accounts), Victor Cruz, and Reuben Randle, and Preston Parker. They also have a very serviceable tight end in Larry Donnell. The first glaring issue is Victor Cruz - where's he at in terms of bouncing back from his injury? Is he going to be that salsa dancing phenom we saw in 2011? Before leaving for the season, he had put up two 100 yard games against some bad teams - otherwise he wasn't producing much. The other three are obviously solid producers and Beckham himself is a freak. I still would take our depth at receiver, our tight ends, and our receiving depth at running back over what the Giants have to offer on their roster. I think there are simply too many question marks here - though their addition of Shane Vereen at running back is interesting and surely boosts the passing attack at that position. I think the Steelers have more receiving talent at multiple positions, and statistically are better out on the field.

The Green Bay Packers. If I were to have an NFL lady on the side, it'd be the Packers. They're a great team with tradition, honor, and are very similar to the Steelers in a multitude of ways. That said, my roommate is a Packers fan and would take our receiving roster over theirs. Jordy Nelson is the man - I wish he was on my team. He is a solid producer and a big target for Aaron Rodgers. Randall Cobb is also putting up 1000+ yards on the other side of the field. A great duo - with a luckluster supporting cast at the wide receiver position of Davante Adams and Jeff Janis. Adams produces and is a solid backup - but Janis just sort of exists. As for their tight ends, Heath Miller once again overshadows both of their tight ends - Andrew Quarless and Richard Rodgers. They do have some talented running backs - Eddie Lacy and James Starks, who had 427 yards and 333 yards respectively. Not giving Leveon Bell a 'run' for his money by any means.

Here's my case for the Pittsburgh Steelers Receivers: Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant, Markus Wheaton, Sammie Coates, Leveon Bell and Heath Miller. While Bryant and Wheaton didn't post eye-popping stats last year, the potential between the two of them gives anyone pause. Bryant provides a big deep threat, and Wheaton has proven to be a solid receiver in his second season with 53 receptions for 644 yards - and let's not forget HEEEAAATHH ringing in 2014 with 66 receptions and 761 yards. The depth at receiver, however, doesn't place our roster above the others for me. Far and away, Bell is the best running back receiver in the league and provides a dynamic threat out of the backfield on every down. Among running backs last season, Bell was #1 in yards. The difference between Mike Wallace and Bell's numbers last year? 8 yards.

Sit down Bucky Brooks.

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