Reviewing Some Pre-Draft Comments

Here is what I wrote about the Steelers prior to the draft.

They pick at 22,56 and 87 in the top 100. They have one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFL so I wouldn't look for them to toggle it much...maybe an understudy TE for H. Miller. Defense is where they have issues. They could use a good rookie at every level. Their draft strategy might be best defensive player available with extra attention paid to DB's.

It turned out three of the eight picks addressed the defensive backfield, six out of eight were for the defensive side of the ball, and the top two picks were defense. The theme of this draft for the Steelers was not difficult to figure out.

They certainly added something to the offense though. Coates could be a very solid 3rd or 4th receiver and has a lot of potential to improve his play. They also got a TE in J. James who immediately figures to be one of their top 3 TE's.

The picks to the defense were shrewd and solid. They added enough in the draft to compensate for the loss of several high class veterans in the offseason. More than likely though they will be looking to address the defense first in next years draft as well.

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