Why the Pittsburgh Steelers will be next year's number 1 seed in the AFC

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I have been a Steelers fan ever since moving to America in 2007, the season the Steelers won their last Superbowl, and never have I been more intrigued in this year's roster. There are relative unknowns that will be taking over a la Shamarko Thomas and Golson if Cortez Allen doesn't get his game back on track and a myriad of talent on both sides of the ball. However, with a new defensive coordinator I hope will be LeBeau 2.0 and perhaps the most challenging schedule next season, nothing really is a guarantee (except that this offense will be special). Even with these obstacles standing between us and 7 Superbowl wins, there are many reasons why we will have a great shot at one for the other hand this year.

The immense amount of talent on this roster can result in something great. It does not translate against weaker opponents but this team can play with anybody in this league. Both the offensive and defensive lines are formidable, solid and will not lose you games. This linebacker core is littered with high draft picks and diamonds in the rough and seems way too special to fail. I do expect that the secondary will get things together this year and be around average: Mitchell will be injury free and has the speed to stop game breaking plays and the corner-backs are play-makers. Then there is Ben, Bryant, Brown, Bell, and Wheaton. All can win a game by themselves (even Wheaton, this guy might be the fastest guy on the team).

The rest of the AFC does not look good this year. Broncos seem like a team most people believe will be formidable but the most likely outcome is that they finish 9-7 with their offense 'grounded' outside Mile High. The Patriots, save for them closing the season 12-0, will not obtain the number one seed with Brady out for 4 games and their defense losing multiple starters. I don't think I have to explain the Bengals' situation. The Colts seem a few years away from taking the top spot as they only need a quality running back for a run. Everyone else either doesn't have a quality quarterback and/or coach or are just too snake-bitten (Browns and Jaguars) to even make the playoffs.

I am very excited for this season. Although this year has a chance of being a disappointment thanks to the most challenging schedule, I do believe there is a great chance of this year being the year everything comes together. We are a confident Cortez Allen away from being wickedly good. The most optimistic outlook is the Steelers' offense eating up so much time that the opposing team will be desperate to get in the game and the defense creating turnovers from forced throws. Every game, except the Seattle away game, is winnable. We won't win every single one and best case scenario: 13-3 record with a 6-1 start and win the number 1 seed. Worst case scenario is that Bell's absence hurts the offense and injuries to key defensive players lead to a collapse: 9-7 record as we limp into the wildcard game, lose, and be in the exact situation we are in now next year.

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