My Sleepers for 2015 Summer Workouts

Every year for the Steelers, it seems as though a player comes out of nowhere to grab the attention of the local media. Last year it was Martavis Bryant, before that was Terrence Garvin, before that was Vince Williams, and probably the most famous of all was Issac Redman. Here is what I think as a fan that player will be

Howard Jones OLB (Shepard): You want more depth on the outside, here it is. This man, from all accounts, was great during camp last year and during the preseason with multiple fumble recoveries. He has now had a full year under the tutelage of Joey Porter and Keith Butler. They know better than anyone else where his is at. He also now had a full year to learn the playbook. I am looking for plenty of chances during the preseason and be promoted to the game day roster. Bud Dupree's arrival will cut into Jones' playing time but I think he will flash enough ability to garner some playing time during the regular season. If not, they will probably take a big risk and put him on the practice squad for another year.

B.J Finney C (Kansas): He is the quintessential Steelers player: not the most athletic in the world but hard working and a smart, savvy player to get the job done. I suspect he'll work a little harder for a team that, when he heard them signed him, brought him to tears over the love he has for this organization. Also, I want him to succeed and fill that swing position we have been lacking since Wesley Johnson was signed off the practice squad. More depth at O-Line.

Gerod Holliman S (Louisville): I understand the concern about him. I understand he doesn't tackle well and takes a lot of risks and comes off as a selfish player rather than a selfless player. He was drafted in the 7th round after being touted as arguably one of the best safety in the draft just weeks before the draft. If the shock of losing millions and waiting for two days and umpten amount of hours didn't get to him, nothing will. He has shown the ability to tackle; I'm not overly concerned about that because I trust the coaches will fix his technique. I think that, early on at least, he won't come off as selfish because he can't afford to. But what I like about him is his play-making ability; his innate ability to locate the ball and snatch it out of the air. Folks, you have wanted a true center-field safety, here he is. This is more of a matter of does he want it enough but I wish that he makes the final roster. He can be a very dangerous man.

Shawn Lemon OLB (Akron): An all-MAC player who went undrafted, bounced around to a couple of teams in the CFL until sticking with Calgary, winning the Grey Cup, then being signed by the Steelers in his mid 20s. Sound familiar? No, I don't think he'll be the next James Harrison but his obscurity is intriguing. His high sack total in Canada can be because of the lack of competition but he has been productive when given a chance. A total unknown who can become a real diamond in the rough find for the Steelers. Isn't it hard when you have so many quality linebackers but can only choose so little.

Alden Darby S (Arizona St.): I read the article by Mr. Bouchette. I like him. If you didn't read the article check it out in the Post-Gazette.

Cameron Clear TE (Texas A&M): He had 9 receptions in his college career. 9. Not really because he can't catch, he was just never given the opportunity in the right offense. Now he will. Very interesting to see if he stays at tight end or bulks up and moves inside. If he stays, he can be a sneaky good player who can make the occasional, but sometimes, crucial catch to extend a drive. His best case scenario is getting on the practice roster.

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