Considering Roger Goodell's rhetoric about the #NFL 's concern for the "integrity" of the game, and considering the severity of the punishment given to the New Orleans Saints, and various Saints players & coaches based on very circumstantial evidence in the "bounty scandal", where players & coaches were suspended for an entire season (more for the DC, Gregg Williams, nearly ending his NFL career), considering the punishment given to the to various teams for various violations (see this article, and considering this is a 2nd time offense for the Patriots, the Patriots should lose at least a 3rd round draft pick plus at least another 3rd rounder for the 2nd offense.

Considering that Tom Brady knew it was happening, and considering the punishment players get just for wearing their socks too high or too low, we should expect some form of severe discipline for Brady as well.

Personally, I would think this merits 4 games at minimum, so that after the appeal, there will still be a punishment left over for Brady to serve. But I'm not commissioner of the NFL.

However, Roger Goodell is. Mr. Goodell promised the world he would not "fall short" in handling disciplinary cases after the Ray Rice domestic violence incident. He also promised to ensure that the NFL's "actions in the future properly reflect" the NFL's values.

Mr. Goodell concluded: "I didn't get it right. Simply put, we have to do better. And we will."
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Here's your chance, Mr Goodell. Be an honorable man. Don't just talk the talk, be true to your word and show the world that you're a man of your word.

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