My thoughts surrounding #DeflateGate

Everyone knows what transpired with #DeflateGate so I'm not going to rehash what happened. This is what should be done moving forward so it doesn't happen again. People may question part of what is stated below but that is their opinion. The points projected are to find ways to restore integrity to the game.

Discipline phase: Tom Brady should be suspended 1 to 2 games without pay. Patriots organization should be fined $1,000,000 or lose a 2nd round draft pick. Bill Bellichick should also be suspended from coaching 1 or 2 games without pay. Doing this will show that cheating isn't allowed in the NFL.

Rule Change: Have teams still prepare the game balls but they must be turned over to the NFL officials no less than 2 to 3 hours before the game. Have the game balls split into a First Half and Second Half category so that the inflation levels can be monitored better. This is to help test the PSI of each football so they will be within standard throughout the game. The game balls shouldn't be handed back to the team but instead the officials should regulate game balls during the entire game. The staff of each team should only reacquire the game balls after the game is concluded. This will reduce the chance of tampering with the game balls so this issue doesn't happen again.

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