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Pittsburgh Steelers News: Day 10 OTA recap

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A quick look at some highlights from the last day of OTAs. From Martavis Bryant's sudden departure from the practice field to Landry Jones getting off the struggle bus (for now), here are recent stories about the Steelers offseason activities.

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Here we go!

Martavis Bryant: Injury or illness?

Perhaps the biggest news of the afternoon was Martavis Bryant's dramatic departure from the practice field. Accounts of the incident varied.

I've compiled a list of all the different reported details as of Thursday evening:

1) Bryant consumed a supplement

2) He walked off the field

3) He was carted off the field

4) He hurt his shoulder

5) He is ill

6) He is injured

7) Martavis Bryant is a Steelers wide receiver

Eventually, a concise, accurate narrative of the incident will unfold, but for now it is a mysterious and distressing turn of events.

All hail Keith Butler

Keith Butler spoke today. (Pause).... (More pauses)  Just trying to mimic the annoyance and impatience Butler must have experienced as he waited, and waited, and waited, and waited even more to ascend to the role of Defensive Coordinator.

Now that he is coordinator, he is relying more on Mike Tomlin than his predecessor. This makes sense because Tomlin's primary area of experience before his days as head coach was on the defensive side of the ball.  Butler also intends to put his own on spin on the Black & Gold D. He said, "Some things that we did good last year, we have to marry the two things. The things that we did well last year with maybe some things we haven't done before." What will those new things be?

Don't cross the Moats

Yesterday Arthur Moats shed light on his work ethic (he works hard) and role as mentor to younger players (he's steering them in the right direction.)  He's also interested in learning as much as possible. "I am always trying to find what Coach Tomlin says is the winning edge," he stated. Good commentary from a player who could play a critical role in helping the Steelers Defense rebound.

Landry Jones looking better. Really?

Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review tweeted:

Not sure what "pretty good" entails, but it I'm assuming this report is indicative of improvement over previous performances.

The mystery of the dislocated finger

Nope, not a Hardy Boys book. A real mystery. Again, it is Mark Kaboly with the inside info, but this time his report was incomplete. We do know there was a dislocated finger at practice-- and it was stomach-turning. We don't know to whom the finger belonged (if it is dislocated, technically the finger didn't belong to the unknown player as much as it used to, but it is still his). Who's finger is hurting tonight?

The mysterious tweet:

Not sure what the bigger story is here. Finger or censorship?

ILB coach Jerry Olsavsky: Everyone is NOT a winner

Coach Jerry O had some logical comments today, indicating the obvious: the players who play the best are going to play the most.

Not a surprise that the Steelers D isn't run like the neighborhood co-op preschool, but it is good to know he is ready to make hard decisions when it comes to personnel. If a player deserves to be on the field, he will be.

Harrison taking a lot of reps in practice

There is no telling what that means in terms of the regular season. A few short weeks ago, coach Joey Porter indicated that Harrison would have a more limited role this season. Are Harrison's high rep count offseason indicative or predictive of a greater role in the regular season? Porter says no, claiming he's just getting in some necessary practice: "As you get older, you always have to work. When you are not playing football, you are not getting any better."

Meanwhile James "My Coach Thinks I'm an Old Man" Harrison is claiming he can play football until he's fifty years old, so I think it is safe to infer that Harrison would not agree that he's an old dude who needs extra practice time during the offseason to prepare for a limited role in the regular season.

My prediction is that Harrison will have a greater role than Porter has indicated. On the hand, continued speculation seems fruitless. Unless Harrison and Porter duke it out in a dark alley or a UFC Pay-per-View fight (or, maybe via Madden so there aren't injuries), we won't have a decisive answer until it unfolds during the regular season.

Golson adjusting to the NFL

CB Senquez Golson once turned down a $1 million deal to play baseball with the Boston Red Sox. He declined the offer to continue his football career. Today he told, "I was talking to my mom yesterday and I told her I definitely made the right decision. Just being out here every day I'm loving it." Like all of the other players, he's working hard to master the playbook. And, it's cool he checks in with his mom.

Golson revealed some struggles: "Playing corner is kind of easy as far as the concepts, but I'm working with the corner and the nickel. I am adjusting to the formations and motions, trying to digest it. I didn't play a lot of slot in college. It's new, not much different as far as covering receivers, but new as far as the terminology." Also according to, WR Antonio Brown has taken note of the rookie's talent, and Golson enjoys the challenge of covering the veteran star.

And, finally, on Twitter....

Kelvin Beachum helped out with the evening traffic report after OTAs:

Josh Harris posted a video of Antonio Brown working out. (I'm thinking Harris should lay low on any workout videos based on the NFL's recent spate of PED tests they've subjected him to)

Josh Harris also referenced growing. Again, questionable move since the NFL is so obsessed with his physical growth as evidenced by the frequency of "random" drug tests.  Personal growth, physical growth. I'd avoid that kind of rhetoric:

I don't even know where to start with DeAngelo Williams' tweets. It's easier to check out his Twitter account directly than embed them here.