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Pittsburgh Steelers Bruce Gradkowski a part of a very special wedding day

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The Steelers backup quarterback played a role in an ill father's dream of walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason, Bruce Gradkowski was apart of something much bigger than football.

In a unique way, Pittsburgh's backup quarterback was apart of a family's special moment, a moment that Kaitlynn Shwallon will never forget.

Shwallon's father, Clyde Christy, fought through serious health issues to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day a few weeks ago. While his health permitted him from wearing a tuxedo, Christy escorted his daughter down the aisle donning a white Gradkowski jersey. A patient of Pilgrimage Hospice, which is owned by Gradkowski, Christy was able to meet the Steelers' quarterback a few weeks prior to the wedding. During the meeting, Gradkowski gave Christy the jersey he eventually wore on his daughter's big day.

"He is a huge Steelers fan," Gradkowski said in an interview with "I was thinking all of the great Steelers players and him wanting to wear mine, I felt honored and blessed. That put everything in perspective. To be able to be there for someone in this time of their life and be a positive influence. This was special."

A dedicated Steelers fan, Shwallon said that she knew that her father would be wearing a Steelers jersey on her wedding day, but she wasn't sure which specific player's jersey her father would choose. But after meeting Gradkowski, it was an easy choice.

"Bruce has been awesome," Schwallon said. "He was done so much. When Bruce comes to visit dad he gets so excited. It means a lot to him. For Bruce to be able to give that to our dad means so much to us."

A Pittsburgh native, Gradkowski returns for his 11th NFL season and third with the Steelers. While backup quarterbacks rarely get much fanfare, it's safe to say that Gradkowski was the unwavering support of one specific family this season, and beyond.