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Working out hard and reading up: Steelers rookies prepare for training camp

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OTAs and minicamp are history, and Steelers rookies are looking to the future-- training camp. Studying the playbook, working out, and asking veterans for advice are all ways the rookies are shifting gears from football in shorts and preparing for real Steelers football.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Steelers rookies are doing what they can to prepare for training camp, and their focus is on learning, getting in shape, and seeking advice from veterans.

Veteran LB Arthur Moats is big on accuracy and attention to detail. He said via, "From a mental standpoint  I try and tell a lot of the younger guys any mistakes you make during OTAs make sure you write them down so that way when it’s the middle of July you are able to review those things so you don’t make the same mistakes when we get to training camp. When we get to training camp we don’t have time for that, we are trying to win championships."

Rookie LB Anthony Chickillo's focus is mastering the playbook. He explained, also via, "I just want to focus on learning, and take advantage of this time to learn the playbook before camp. I need to keep learning the playbook and terminology of the defense. That is what I am focusing on now."

First-round pick Bud Dupree has been mastering the playbook since OTAs. In May he revealed to, "I think I'm adjusting fast to the playbook. I already know a lot of it right now. I just want to keep learning." To prepare for training camp, he plans to ask veterans for advice and work on his physical fitness, a priority coach Mike Tomlin emphasized after minicamp. Dupree told, "You have to ask the older guys how it 's going to be and listen. I am getting my body prepared and making sure I follow in their footsteps. I just have to be in the best shape I have ever been in my life and know the plays inside and out and I think I will be good."

While the rookies have had a tour of Saint Vincent College, the site of training camp, they are aware it will take much more than a tour of the facilities to be prepared for the intensity of what they will experience starting July 25.

Tight ends coach James Daniel summed it up: "It's all waiting until we get to training camp because that is when we actually start playing football."