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Pittsburgh Steelers' Public Relations Staff receives Pete Rozelle Award

The Steelers' public relations staff was presented with the award Pete Rozelle Award this week, an award that goes to PR teams that strive for excellence in dealing with the media.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pro Football Writers of America presents the Pete Rozelle Award to public relation staffs in the NFL who "consistently strives for excellence in its dealings and relationships with the media."

The Pittsburgh Steelers' public relations staff was presented the 2015 award last week, marking the second time the Steelers' PR team has won the award since its conception in 1990.

Burt Lauten leads the Steelers'PR department as the communications coordinator, and works with Dominick Rinelli, public relations/media manager, public relations assistant Ryan Scarpino and media relations intern Christian Edwards.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sportswriter, Ed Bouchette speaks highly of Lauten and his team.

"I have been around some good public relations staffs through my years covering sports, and I will place the one Burt Lauten heads in Pittsburgh with the best of them," said Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Ed Bouchette. "Burt has been one of those PR people who ‘get it.' He understands the jobs we have and helps in the kinds of ways some of the best in his business know how to do - by working with the reporters and columnists and TV men on their stories and offering guidance when asked or even when not."