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Around the league part III: What are the Steelers opponents up to?

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The Steelers have one of the toughest schedules this season. What is the latest news on the competitors they'll face in 2015? Dani Bostick takes a quick look at Seahaws, Colts, and Broncos.

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This week there were rumors that QB Russell Wilson turned down the deal his team offered him and left the door open to switching teams in 2016 saying via WRAL that he's "moved around before." While this rhetoric might be distracting, it will not have an impact on the Seahawks until 2016 should they fail to make a deal (or make a very expensive one that could also have negative implications for the team-- though not as negative as not having a skillful QB)

Meanwhile, this season former Saints TE Jimmy Graham will make his debut with the Seahawks this season. It is expected, according to, that Jimmy Graham will be more than a big wide receiver and will have more responsibilities in terms of blocking. The Steelers play the Seahawks late in the season after a bye week so by then they will have more of an indication of Graham's role on the team. The timing of the game will also give several injured members of the Legion of Boom time to recover completely (barring new injuries.)


QB Andrew luck will have some powerful offensive weapons in RB Frank Gore and WRs Andre Johnson and T.Y. Hilton. Andre Johnson could be a huge threat with a competent quarterback, something he lacked with the Houston Texans. Reggie Wayne is gone, but this should not be a big loss with the talent the team brought in this offseason.

On the defensive side of the ball, CB Vontae Davis and ILB D'Qwell Jackson are both returning, but there are some weak links on the Colts defense that the Steelers could exploit. Last season the Colts defense gave up over 40 points to both Kansas City and New England. If their defense remains weak, the Steelers could end up having a monster game.


QB Peyton Manning is not getting younger and was showing signs of age last season. He has several reliable receivers, including Demaryius Thomas and  former Steeler Emanuel Sanders (who, according to, thinks the Patriots should be stripped of their Super Bowl win).  John Fox is out as head coach and Gary Kubiak is in, and there has been a lot of offseason turnover on the offensive line. Can Manning adapt to the change in leadership and take advantage of his teams talent at WR?

Wade Phillips will be at the helm of the Denver defense this season, but other key personnel remains the same. Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware helped make the Denver pass rush one of the best in the league, while the Broncos also acquired some new talent through the draft and free agency.

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