32 Team Fantasy Football League

Yes, I know it's early to start planning for fantasy football, but after participating in a few BTSC leagues last year, I cannot hide my excitement for this upcoming season.

My question: Is it possible to make a free, snake draft, 32 team league for just a season?

I know there are paid alternatives out there, as well as dynasty leagues, but I'm interested in just making one league for a single season with no buy in. I would lake it open to BTSC, but also to other SB Nation sites as well wishing to participate. DON'T post comments below regarding why this would be a boring, lop-sided league; I'm aware how thin the rosters would be as well as possible QB-less rosters. Also I would like to add I plan on joining other BTSC leagues as well, so I assume this league wouldn't detract from other BTSC leagues.

I made a poll below to see how many members would be interested. Thanks for you input.

UPDATE: Yahoo does offer a 20 team league, is that the highest?

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