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Five questions about the Pittsburgh Steelers final 53

With the first game of the season only two months away, Dani Bostick takes a look at five questions about the final roster.

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Disclaimer: Short of a consult with fortune teller Ivannah and her mystical powers, there is no way of knowing who will make the final 53. There are also too many hypotheticals to consider. These are just a few questions I've been pondering for the last few hours. Feel free to add your questions, answers, or mystical predictions in the comments section.

1) Will the Steelers really keep QB Landry Jones on the roster?

As a QB, Landry Jones is less than stellar. Less than stellar is just an other way of saying "make or break time" or "up and down, but he is working hard" or "Taj Boyd is better" or, perhaps, most simply put "not good enough to make the final 53." Do the right thing, Steelers. Free up that spot for someone else. It's time.

2) What will happen to DT Cam Thomas?

Cam Thomas is expensive for what he does. What does he do? Well, that's part of the problem. He really hasn't brought his A game, and if he has, well, he's been graded on a curve and A game for him, is like C or D game for the Steelers. In my opinion, he needs to go, too.

3) Who will be on the roster at CB?

Does Kevin Fogg have a chance?  What about Doran Grant? Senquez Golson? CB Webb? This is one of the most up-in-the-air (jumping to intercept balls, oh yeah!) positions on the roster, so I will refrain from making a prediction here.

4) Do any of the Undrafted Rookie Free Agents have a chance?

I'm assuming some of these guys will be candidates for the practice squad. There is certainly a lot of talent in the UDFA ranks. After my conversation with DE Niko Davis, I can't help but root for the former swimmer and mime with a mom who walks around like a queen bee in her Steelers gear up in Buffalo. That said, RB Ross Scheuerman could have a legitimate shot since running back has been a position of concern, and the former Lafayette star seems to have a lot of potential.  I could also see BJ Finney making the final roster.

5) What is going on at tight end?

Heath Miller is getting older, and while he probably has a few more years left, it would be nice if the Steelers had some more depth at that position. Rob Blanchflower and Cameron Clear are options for the final 53, but I cannot venture to guess which of them has an edge at this point. I am assuming that Heath Miller (duh), Matt Spaeth (obviously obvious), and fifth-round pick Jesse James will all be on the final roster.