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Former Pittsburgh Steeler Ike Taylor ties the knot, Troy Polamalu photobombs

We won't be seeing Troy Polamalu on the field this year, but he did manage to sneak into a selfie of William Gay and Ike Taylor.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Ike Taylor on his very recent nuptials. His bride, Danielle, is also the mother to his son Ivan. In 2014, Taylor told, "I put her through a lot, but I tell her she is the reason I go. She is my green light."

The couple was stunning on their momentous day:

My big homie finally did it.... Who's next??? #DanielleandIke2015

A photo posted by William Gay (@southcity22) on

The best, picture, however, was the Troy Polamalu photobomb recently posted on Instagram by William Gay. The former safety's ability to photobomb rivals his aptitude and prowess on the field. He could magic himself all around the field of play. Now, watch him magic himself into his former teammates' selfie:

It was only right to take a selfie at the wedding #DanielleandIke2015

A photo posted by William Gay (@southcity22) on

The crowd-favorite cornerback Taylor retired after last season and has been dabbling in both broadcasting and coaching. Troy Polamalu has been a long-time mentor to Taylor, and is even named in his will.