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Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum uncomfortable in Arizona

Kelvin Beachum had a confusing and upsetting interaction with a police officer in Arizona recently.

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Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum described a perplexing interaction with an Arizona policeman on Saturday:

While Beachum only provides a short summary of the incident, one thing is clear: he was disturbed enough to vent publicly on Twitter. If you are not familiar with Beachum's Twitter account, his social media activity is positive and uplifting with most of his interactions related to his charity work, his faith and his family. On Friday, for example, Beachum expressed excitement about his parents' upcoming visit:

From Beachum's description of the incident, the cop had been surveilling him for some time before finally pulling him over. He then asked questions that led Beachum to write, jokingly or not, "I'm not suppose to be in Scottsdale according to this cop." Beachum was certainly uncomfortable enough with the interaction to regret not recording it after fellow NFL player Shaun Smith gave him some advice:

Perhaps the cop was genuinely concerned with keeping the roads safe, but one of the most gracious, selfless, magnanimous players in the NFL ended up feeling unwelcome and out of place in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Why was he there?  Beachum is taking his game to a new level this off season by training with O-Line Performance, a program focused exclusively on the needs of offensive lineman. In a word, Beachum is in Scottsdale for work. In addition to training hard, Beachum is continuing his charity work with Bread for the World, an organization that strives to reduce hunger stateside and abroad.

Fans were mortified about the incident, expressing concern about Beachum and the incident on Twitter: