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Le'Veon Bell ranked at No. 16, 4th best running back in NFL

Le'Veon Bell was listed as the 16th best player in the NFL last night on NFL's Top 100.

NFL Network

As predicted by a wide majority of voters in our BTSC poll from yesterday, Le'Veon Bell was listed in the 11th-20th ranks on the NFL Network's Top 100 players list.  After not appearing on the list last season, he made the highest jump of any player this season when he was selected at 16.

What was not predicted was what other running backs he would be behind.

While Jamaal Charles had a bigger 2013 season, there's no question as to which player was the more effective running back in 2014. Bell had more yards on the ground than Charles had total yards from scrimmage last season.  He also had 937 more all-purpose yards, and despite touching the ball 373 times compared to Charles' 246 times, Charles fumbled the ball five times in 2014 compared to Bell's zero fumbles.

Though there was much debate between fans on Twitter last night, Bell seemed to be humbly appreciative of his ranking within the top twenty players in the NFL.

It's great that Bell seems to not be engulfed in the fact that he was ranked as only the fourth best running back in the league despite the big year he had.  Players should not be too worried about a list that has no impact on their actual job, which is to be the best on the gridiron.