Predictions for Steelers Training Camp & Preseason

In no way I guarantee accuracy of any of these, just my own humble opinions. Enjoy.


The obvious: We will keep 3 QBs like every other year.

The bold: Landry Jones gets unseated because we finally admit we made a mistake on him, which some of us knew since May 2013.


The obvious: At least for the time being, Josh Harris makes the roster due to LB26's suspension.

The bold: Dri Archer will not find a role, perhaps because there are only so many snaps to go around, perhaps because there is little room for a small guy with straight-line speed without above-avg shiftiness or body control.


The obvious: DHB will make the roster as the 5th WR due to ST play.

The bold: Bryant, though short route-running will still be an issue, will overtake Wheaton as #2 option, partially due to the latter's inability to grasp the nuances of the WR position (and constant miscomms w/ Ben)


The obvious: We will keep Jesse "The Bandit" James as the #3 WR.

The bold: JJ will have an extremely quiet preseason/training camp due to his rawness especially in blocking. His rawness makes Dupree look like CJ Mosley.


The obvious: We keep 8 OL including (sigh) Mike Adams.

The bold: Tossup between resigning Beach and having Finney win the last OL job (Wallace being the #7 OL, Hubbard cut)


The obvious: Big Dan's snap counts increase with conditioning and confidence and hopefully technique improvements.

The bold: We cut LT Walton (worst, PS) but not Cam Thomas (sorry).


The obvious: We keep 5 OLBs, with Lemon-HoJo battling till the last game. Both are inconsistent, maybe slight edge to Lemon but only b/c of experience. Both look better than Bud who is very raw.

The bold: Though I love him as a person/human, JJ doesn't break through and still doesn't have the strength/dip/hand fighting to exorcise his demons in those areas, perhaps still stays behind Moats.


The obvious: We keep 5 ILBs including Garvin who is our best ST player right now. Spence/VW keep showing improvement.

The bold: Shazier still has problems with staying off his blocks...


The obvious: Cortez and Antwon as starters, the former of which may or may not fix his head.

The bold: Senquez Golson turns heads at least for tackling/aggressiveness, but Doran Grant hasn't broken through more than ST for now.


The obvious: Shamarko is a suitable replacement at SS with good run support, although still a work in progress not because he isn't a good player but because of lack of experience at this time.

The bold: Despite Holliman getting at least one pick in training camp and preseason each and somewhat improved tackling form, we keep Golden over him and Holliman gets stolen off the PS.

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