Nicknaming the Rookies

Alright, rooks, you might have come here thinking that you have a name. You don't. You might have previously had a name, but here you earn your name and until then we call you what we want to call you. You might have been the big man on campus in college, but in the NFL you've proven nothing. Work hard, build a reputation and you will be called whatever you want to be called. Until then, here are your names.

1. Air Bud, you can jump high, congratulations. Let's see you play some football.

2. Too Small, you're not old enough to remember a player by the name of Ed Jones, but you can follow his lead

3. Stickum, look into it

4. Doran Doran, you can make this team and get a real name if you're hungry like the wolf

5. Outlaw, let's see you gain some notoriety

6. L.T., Big L.T., BLT, if it all comes together you can be great

7. Holy interceptions, Batman! Holy Man, you may be a miracle worker, but you can't be a pacifist in this line of work

There you have it, boys, now go out and show us who you really are.

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